anatomical collages by travis bedel



In two of Aurel Schmidt’s more recent series, the artist’s highly rendered drawings depict leafy vagina lettuce and ginger toes, among other inventive combinations of body parts and edibles.

Art is a personal composition of the reality that surrounds us and artist/scientist Casey Cripe’s work takes that concept to a crazy intricate level. Each piece is a map of the exploration of life, self and the universe. His ability to capture the beauty of anatomical figures and scientific complexities result in an imaginative juxtaposition of the surreal and hyper-real.

Emeric Chantier is a French sculptor/installation artist from Paris, France who evolves plants into skulls, weapons, people, and other objects that reflect society.

Monika Horčicová is a Czech sculptor/installation artist who constructs human skeletons with 3-D printing in a very surreal juxtaposition. Many of her structures presents itself through a repetitive cycling pattern as well as experimental evolved mutations.

VALERIA with FFO's floral anatomical letters

Just great!

These beautiful floral, anatomical themed collages are designed by Moscow-based artist known as ‘FFO’. FFO composes classic, vintage illustrations that organically blend and mold together. 

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"Testimonial" - Oil painting by Rodney Wood

"Testimonial" - Oil painting by Rodney Wood