Graphite Sculptures by Agelio Batle

Punishment Band I

Punishment Band II

By Helen Higgins


Kristoffer Myskja

3D printed sugar from The Sugar Lab (The Sugar Lab – The 3D printer that works on sugar). Today Kyle and Liz von Hasseln, the couple of designers behind this project of culinary 3D printer, go further using pigments and food coloring to color their creations, and even print illustrations and patterns!

Damien Hirst’s New Pill-Shaped Jewelry Line

Leopold Kessler, Forchetta delle Dolomiti, Museion Project Room, 2013. Courtesy of the artist and galerie andreas huber, vienna

(sembrano trenette al pesto! assolutamente geniale la forchetta delle Dolomiti poi..)

Monika Horčicová is a Czech sculptor/installation artist who constructs human skeletons with 3-D printing in a very surreal juxtaposition. Many of her structures presents itself through a repetitive cycling pattern as well as experimental evolved mutations.