Vanitas - Art on Science 2014

Recently EPFL, the Polytechnic Federal School of Lausanne invited us to participate in the “Art on Science” public exhibition, focused on optical illusions. A great opportunity for a reflection on science and human ambition.This is our tribute to Vanitas, a widely depicted theme in the history of arts. Alongside symbols of worldly ambition, scientific accomplishments, and vanity, we find allegories of the frail and transient nature of our existence. Far from being a morbid or bleak rebuke, it is an invitation to treasure in humbleness every instant of our precious lives.

Daniel Knorr, "Stolen History", 2008, 100 stampe fotografiche, cm. 29,7 x 42 ciascuna, progetto realizzato in occasione di U-Turn Quadriennial for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen

Nick Mauss and Ken Okiishi at Mendes Wood DM

After depuis (fill), 2014

spoons and concrete eggs variable dimensions

Luzinterruptus and the Dockville festival’s 100 man installation labeled ‘Radioactive Control’ is represented in Hamburg, Germany. This project brings up the issues of nuclear plants & radiation that’s currently spreading in Japan.

Casa Tomada,

Rafael Gomezbarros

Saatchi, London

I’ve already posted other versions of Casa Tomada. This is now in show in Saatchi London, my pictures.

Blood swept lands and seas of red,

An installation by ceramic artist Paul Cummins

setting by stage designer Tom Piper

at the Tower of London, my pictures


All eight hundred of the little creatures are clambering over each other, crawling up a very tall beer stein. Any gardener knows beer attracts and kills snails. But the sculpture (left) is called “Schwarmerei,” German for “enthusiasm,” the enthusiasm of crowds. 

Erick Swenson

The Selfish Gene
Marc Quinn

The Selfish Gene

Marc Quinn