Ed Fairburn is a figurative artist who uses maps and atlases as the base for his pieces. Fairburn uses a wide range of mediums and surfaces to produce his work which allows him to truly free himself to explore a wealth of ideas and concepts.

Heavenly Bodies, ink and pencil on Antique Celestial Map from 1880, 35x42cm (2013).

Louise McNaught

Franck Ernewein lights up the world in a real-time visualization of tweets around the globe. This French web designer shows the world in a new light, by dropping bright light pixel at the tweet location when a visiting Tweetping.The image is constantly changing that grows to look like a nighttime satellite shot that shows bright lights over the world most developed areas.

extrusion map,

Douglas Prince

- I am serene

- well, it’s not looking good from up here

- Arctic jay

Claire Brewster

waves by Matthew Cusick

Nikki Rosato:

Our physical bodies are beautiful structures full of detail, and they hold the stories that haunt and mold our lives. The lines on a road map are beautifully similar to the lines that cover the surface of the human body.

In my work involving maps, as I remove the landmasses from the silhouetted individuals I am further removing the figure’s identity, and what remains is a delicate skin-like structure. Through this process, specific individuals become ambiguous and hauntingly ghost-like, similar to the memories they represent.

Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki has made a radio from an electronic circuit board that’s arranged to look like the London tube map.