This  sick looking chair  made by  painter, sculptor, and woodcarver Vyacheslav Pakhomov. If the translation on his website is correct, it does seem to be available for purchase for the relatively modest sum of 230000 Russian Rubles, which translates to about $5,730 USD. Awesome!

Madrid based artistIrma Gruenholz creates three-dimensional hand-crafted illustrations out of clay.

Necronymphic Creations by Tari Nakagawa

Jessica Drenk is a sculptor who was raised in Montana, where she grew to appreciate her natural surroundings. Her upbringing inspired her to create organic and obscure sculptures made out of pencils resembling landscapes of her hometown

A voir en ce moment au 104 (Paris) “La Cabeza” de Niki de Saint Phalle

via Isabelle Dalle

Ben Youngis a self-taught artist from New Zealand who has been creating glass sculptures for over 10 years.